Relax. Renew. Rebirth.

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I am learning to take more time off and to unplug from technology.

Simply stating that FEELS SO GOOD!

I love my clients. I feel blessed to help heart centered women entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world. I am totally passionate about my work which makes it easy to work too much.

This weekend i spent my time out on the land, camping under the stars, sitting by the campfire, digging in the dirt, swimming in the pond, laying naked in the sun, and being in community. The vision for this piece of land is to connect with an incredible community whom hold a deep intention to create chosen family and rebuild a sense of tribe in connection with earth.

My intention is to let love in, to feel connected in community and move in sync with earth and her rhythms. This weekend was a powerful opportunity to step into a new story and experience… to relax, renew, and rebirth myself into the spring time. Feeling full, recharged and connected is an essential part of running a divinely designed lifestyle business. Many women entrepreneur make the mistake of believing, “i will enjoy life once my business is successful”, which inevitably creates what i call the “burn-out model of business.” Be sure that your self-care is integrated into the very foundation of your business success.

Please share in the comments:
How do you relax?
What intentions would you like to renew?
Is there a vision you are giving birth to this spring?

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 7 Comments

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  1. Naomi Goodlet says:

    I love how you say that it’s possible to enjoy life now rather than waiting until you achieve success. This is a major aspect of my approach with clients. having a strong fixation on achieving goals before allowing yourself to be happy is a cycle that breeds stress, unhappiness and disappointment. I have started to loosen my grip on always having to be achieving in my business, right now I’m taking a step back to learn, pause and to take a vacation!

  2. I relax by practicing meditation, going out to the countryside, listening to feel good music and having a good time with my soul-mate. i am totally with you on that: Happiness and enjoyment is not something that belongs on a to do list, but to be experienced Now! Love.

  3. Angela May says:

    Thank you for this article. I share the vision to connect more with community. Believe it or not, I relax when a good day of work is done and I enjoy the endorphin release from it! 🙂

  4. creativestatic says:

    So funny that you post this! I unplug hard-core every summer during a major camping trip. A full week or more with no digital anything…and I languish in every delicious, disconnected moment of it. Like you, I looove my work, and so I don’t ever want to stop working. I noticed this past weekend, though, that I was craving camping something fierce…and it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized I’m really craving the unplugged, recharge time!

  5. Alix Sabatelli Rager says:

    I relax in nature! I spent this last Friday and Saturday in Golden Gate Park, my brother’s gorgeous garden and on the beach near Santa Cruz… When I fill my tanks like this, my intentions are fueled and my clients get ALL of me! It’s so important to be overflowing with the energy that comes from slowing down and being fully present to the nature that surrounds us every day.

  6. Jesse Webb says:

    I looooove nature and one of my favorite ways to really take care of myself is to go out and enjoy time, barefoot, in nature. I looove my walks, connecting to trees, laying in the sun, being out under the stars & moon…. and soo much more. 🙂 I want to renew my intention to connect with Mother Earth, and to unplug more from my business and technology!

  7. Erika Matos says:

    Reading is my vice – it’s how I unplug! It also fills me with inspiration. I’ll admit is mostly self-help, woo-woo material, but I absolutely cannot do without. Vision? Well, more consistency with my marketing, which I’m always refining to really reflect the passion of what I do and the purpose for it. Thanks Christel 🙂