Unseen Magic

Christel Arcucci ~ Prosperity Mentor
The most precious relationship in my life is with the unseen, with what i call Magic…the space between what’s real and what possible.

My connection to Source, to Truth, to Self has been my lifeline since i was a little girl. As a child i could see, hear and feel what is not being said. When i was small i did not have a guide to help me understand and find my way.

Luckily I choose a path of healing for my professional and have gotten paid for my ability to see, hear, feel and invite change for healing and awakening. This choice has supported me to invest the majority of my time, energy and money to my path.

At times i feel lonely since my inner sanctuary is often void of people. I have felt that something is “wrong” with me because i am alone a LOT.

I am embracing who i am, my strengths, my brilliance, and the power of my BE-ing. My life is shifting fast since i stopped struggling and trying to make myself be what i am not.

I walk between worlds.

I am a teacher, a student, and a guide who is dedicated to the path of awakening.

I am committed to soul alignment for myself and our community.

I am in service to building the bridge and being the bridge for love.

I am opening, softening, and allowing my gifts to create positive and powerful change in the world.

And so it is.

Posted on: March 4th, 2015