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Manifest Money Practice

Do you believe it’s possible to have a relationship with money that is enjoyable, fun and playful?

Watch this quick video to Manifest Money and do the Money Mantra practice, it’s quick, fun and playful.

This practice will transform your money blocks with the power of sound & vibration. Pay attention as limiting beliefs dissolve in your mind as you repeat the sacred mantra.

I have a non-traditional approach to supporting women  transform your relationship with money that works! I know you may be wondering, “Can transforming money blocks and dissolving limiting beliefs be fun?”

I say a full body-mind-soul=Yes!

I invite you to do this practice FULL ON and let yourself keep going until you start laughing!

You may have to practice a few times before you can let yourself play full out and I promise it will be worth the effort.

Please post your questions and celebrations in the comments below this post.

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Manifest Money