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Soul Purpose Oracle July 6, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle: Take a breath & soften your face & shoulders. Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

#1 Abundance ~ I am a limitless being and I can manifest whatever I desire in physical reality
You are a divine creator that can manifest your desires… so why haven’t all your dreams come true yet? Look deeply to discover what parts of you are in resistance to your desired outcome and create a team environment with all the inner voices or soul characters inside you. When you can negotiate inside with your inner circle inside you will in greater alignment to manifest your dreams and desires in your outer experience.

#2 Balance ~ I bring a state of perfect harmony into my world and I do so without judgement.
Often conflict arises within ourselves and with our families when we are operating in a “right or wrong” paradigm. Can you open your heart and mind to seek to understand with curiosity? There is no need to agree yet allow different experiences and perspectives to exist without the need to be right to expand the feeling of balance and ease.

#3 Blame ~ I accept responsibility for my well-being
Personal responsibility gives you the power to transform your life. Notice if there are any beliefs that someone else has more power than you or has power over you. This card invites you to acknowledge with compassion any part of you that feels less powerful or has victim consciousness and to uncover the power and confidence that is waiting for you to tap into it. Activate the power of the sun in your solar plexus to burn through any limiting thoughts, blocks and beliefs.

Would you like a private Soul Purpose Healing Session to support you to manifest your dreams?

Let’s open a sacred & safe space to listen to the instructions from your Soul. Your Infinite Self knows but you may need a tune up to follow your inner wisdom.

I currently only work with clients for a 3 month minimum and my rates are $250 per hour. (That rate is not an inflated-hyped-up rate “my work is worth $1M per hour” which is prevalent in the coaching industry, it is what real clients are paying.)

WHAT is a Soul Purpose Healing Activation?
One – 60 minute phone session will be recorded with you, me and your soul’s deepest longing. The current rate for this session is $333 and I am making this available now for $111.

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This is an invitation to connect with your Soul Purpose and to come into alignment with your Soul purpose, vision, gifts & intuition.

When you are alignment with your vision, values and soul purpose you are in the flow and you can more easily release resistance and struggle.

I would be honored to support you to Heal your Body, Master your Mind and Awaken your Soul Purpose.

With love & the power of Awakening,
christel xxo

p.s. Soul Purpose Healing is magical – and it works on all levels of your body and being. This is 1-on-1 deep transformation with you, me and your soul purpose. If we work together, you’ll see the truth of your power, activate the courage to attain your desires, and you’ll do things you’ve being dreamed about for a long time.