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Akashic Record Clearing – Purpose, Peace & Love

Are you ready for the Akashic Record Clearing to Live your Purpose, Feel Peace, Serve your Community & Find True Love

Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means: not visible, space, ether, inner sky, sky and also the infinite consciousness in each individual.

The Akashic Records are a timeless “library” of everything that has even happened and all future possibilities.

Prepare by taking a deeper breath.
Tune into the power of your Soul.

Now soften your face & shoulders and RECEIVE.

Questions from our community:
1. How do I cultivate courage to follow my self-authority and be of service to the whole/collective I am here to serve?

2. What is my highest timeline forward and what are the main things I need to focus on to walk that path?

3. How do I find peace and purpose here on Earth…how can I recognize it?

4. How do I reach my spiritually highest potential to be able to serve humanity just the way you do?

Laser Focus:

5. How do I find my true love?

6. How do I become happy?

Thank you to everyone who participated by sending a question. 🙂 Was this helpful?

With love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo

ps: Post any question or insights below and stay tuned for the next round.

Akashic Record Clearing - Purpose, Love & Peace