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Shadow Work Basics

Shadow Work Basics is a conversation focused on basic principles of shadow work and the questions that often start with, “what is shadow work and where can I start my exploration?”

Join us to explore the foundation principles of our shadow which is being more widely recognized in the world of healing & transformation.

Shadow work explores our unconscious thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns and wounds. As we learn to embrace challenging emotions and wounded parts of ourselves we are able to integrate the outcast parts of ourselves which is essential on the path of self-love for personal and global healing.

I am excited Julie Balderrama recently interviewed me and our conversation is filled with mind and heart opening insights!

Highlights of the Shadow Work Basics Interview:

  • Step into your ability to say No
  • Tap in to the power hidden in your shadow
  • Learn to embrace your challenging emotions
  • Integrate all parts of you in order to enjoy self-love
  • Life obstacles are gateways to living your Soul Purpose

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