Soul Purpose Oracle July 27, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck:

Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below.

You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle

#1 The Owl – Deception or Wisdom?
The Owl can see in the dark and cut through illusions and reveal the real truth. What area of your life or relationships is your inner wisdom guiding you yet may not be pay attention? Is there an area you afraid to follow the physical signs that keep popping up? Drop in, listen deeply, heed the wisdom call of the owl to move past blocks that you or someone close to you is avoiding the truth.

#2 The Lady of Avalon – Absolute truth, Courage, Self-respect, Responsibility
She represents the highest order of Truth and demands total integrity and alignment. Where can you make small or large shifts in your body, mind or relationships to be more aligned with the truth of who you are and how you want to show up in the world. This is not a time to second guess, when you see the signs from the Lady there aligned action to necessary and you have the heart and skills needed for this test. Stand with courage and confidence knowing the Power of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake are with you.

#3 The Eagle – Spirit, Integrity, Connection to the Angelic realm
You are being divinely guided with the integrity and power of the angelic realm to live in integrity and harmony with your soul. The eagle invites you to SOAR high above to see the big picture and how every challenge and every life event connects into a beautiful tapestry. Take time to connect with prayer to your guides, angels and teachers ask for support and receive divine guidance now.


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Posted on: July 27th, 2017