I am a Woman with Power

Soul Purpose Healing
i am a woman.
i have power.
i am in tune with the rhythm of nature.
i use my intuition.
i hear what you are not saying.
i see what you try to hide.
i hold the power to heal, just like you do.

for many lifetimes i have practiced & cultivated my craft.
i have been called a witch and destroyed because of the fear of my power.
i have feared you knowing this about me.
i have tried to hide my truth.
i have been afraid to die for being a powerful woman.
i have felt afraid of the fire that has been used to destroy me…

i am witch.
i will no longer hide.
if you think fire can destroy me,
you do not know who i am.
the fire is the power of my desire to create change.
the fire fuels my passion to empower women.
it’s time to activate our WILD WITCHY WEALTHY WOMANLY WAYS!

i am ready to rise.

are you?

Posted on: November 2nd, 2015