How to eat healthy without deprivation

How I successfully reprogramed my MIND to dislike foods that i wanted to eliminate or minimize in my nutrition plan.

the mind is a powerful tool for transformation and on the flip side monkey mind can drive you absolutely crazy.

i want to share a technique i have used to successful change my cravings for certain foods and beverages. instead of feeling “i can’t have” i shifted to “i don’t want” = empowered choice & freedom from feeling deprived.

at 15 i had my first waitress job at a pancake house where we only served breakfast food (even for dinner.) the restaurant was famous for strong coffee and apple pancakes. the apple pancakes are LOADED with sugar and are more like a cake than a pancake.

adults would come in to drink lots of coffee and eat an apple pancake.
i observed two things:
1. before the coffee arrived my customers were often crabby, rude or angry.
2. after they drank coffee and got loaded up on sugar they acted CRAZY. a more refined version of a child on too much sugar with the added potency of STRONG CAFFEINE.

i decided coffee had no inherent value. i intuitively started programming my mind with the phrase, “i hate the smell of coffee.” it worked like a charm i still hate the smell of coffee today. YAY!

WHY did this work? there was NO RESISTANCE to this new belief. i had NO REASON to want to like coffee so my mind and body easily and effortless adopted the belief that i hate the smell of coffee. (i know that may be hard for coffee lovers to imagine.)

Fast forward to 2015, my weakness was baked goods. i ate them in moderation yet i recently completed a 90 cleanse and plan to continue with minimal gluten and sugar. How did i reprogram my mind when it was something I DO LIKE & I DO WANT?

I decided to change my relationship with baked goods and used a replacement concept.

I chose to reprogram my mind with the belief that baked goods that i see in the shiny glass cases at the market or in restaurants actually tastes like eating the plastic “playfood” that children have in their toy kitchens. YUCK! i anchored this idea into my mind along with the desire to eat food that has nutritional value.

I focus on the feeling and sensation of eating plastic food along with thoughts of eating high nutritional value foods and i am delighted to say IT’S WORKING!!!!

Why did this work? First, I eliminated resistance. Next i reprogrammed my mind & body to have a new belief that i want to eat food that has a HIGH NUTRITIONAL VALUE & makes me feel good.

AWESOME! my 90 day clarity quest is now completed and i am on a new track with the choices i am making with eating, moving my body, my thoughts, my relationship, my “stuff” and the path of success i am on in my business.

how do you create lasting change in your lifestyle or business?

Posted on: July 2nd, 2015