Healing Journey: I am Worthy

Enjoy this Healing Journey to support you to see, feel, know and embody the belief “I AM WORTHY”

Healing Journey – I am Worthy

Our energy and power gets locked up in limiting beliefs, this healing journey is focused on clearing the limiting belief, “I am not worthy of love, health or wealth.”

Unlock the energy locked up inside you… there are often layers that need to be healed and cleared.

You may enjoy this journey more than once to clear the deepest levels of healing available to you now.

I recommend you focus your body-mind on the MAIN area you want to transform, you can always repeat the journey for each area to be cleared.

Healing Journey – I am Worthy

Power Statements:

I am worthy of love, health, wealth.

I am worthy of being, having and doing what I desire.

It is safe to feel love & connection.

It is easy to welcome wealth into my accounts.

I am healthy in body, mind and soul.

Open for healing during this potent 7 minute Audio Healing Journey to reclaim your worthiness.

Healing Journey - I am Worthy - Clear Limiting Belief

Posted on: September 16th, 2017