Back Pain Freedom Method Video Training

End your Back Pain & Get your Life Back 

Back Pain Freedom Method transforms everyday activities that hurt into healing exercises. We will restore strength, flexibility and confidence in order to live without fear of your back going out!

When I was 17 and preparing for a springboard diving competition I was severely injured. The injury created debilitating back pain and I couldn’t do ANYTHING without excruciating pain.

My doctor said, “You will never compete again. You will be on pain medication for the rest of your life with limited physical activities. It will be best if you find a job that is not physically demanding.”


This diagnosis changed my life and inspired me to get my body back on track as an athlete, spoiler alert, it works!

I made a commitment to discover a path to transform pain into an enjoyable & active life.

In the process of healing my back I discover it is essential to address the body, mind, emotions, energy body and soul in order to achieve back pain freedom.

27 years later I am an active and adventurous athlete and I have collected multiple professional certifications that have transformed my passion into my professional and I am blessed to have successfully worked with thousands of clients.

Clients often come to me after they have “tried everything” and I believe they find lasting results with this work due to the full spectrum approach to healing the body, mind, heart & soul.

I would be delighted to support your healing journey to end your back pain and get your life back.

Back Pain Freedom Method transforms everyday activities that hurt you into healing exercises.

Wear comfortable clothes, be ready for gentle movement that you can use IMMEDIATELY to confidently increase flexibility, improve balance and build your strength in a safe movement practice to support your back.

Welcome to the Back Pain Freedom Method

Breathing Practice to Relieve Pain Video #1

Standing & Seated Positions to Heal Back Pain Video #2

Pain Free Everyday Activities Video #3

Flexibility & Freedom to End Back Pain Video #4

Back Pain Freedom Method to End your Back Pain & Get your Life Back!

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with love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo

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